garda_vetting_720_320_c1Garda National Vetting Bureau (GNVB):

Vetting for Parishes & Primary Schools


E-Vetting speeds up the processing of applications as well as placing the onus and responsibility on the applicant to ensure their vetting application is completed. 

This is relevant only to vetting applicants who have an email address.                                                                                                                   

  • All applicants with an email address should use E-Vetting Invitation Form NVB1. See NVB1 Guidelines for completion.
  • Once your form has been returned, please keep an eye on your email inbox (including spam) for the link to further complete your application.
  • This link will expire after 30 days, after which time the process will need to begin again. 
  • If you do not receive a link, please call the safeguarding office on 053 917 4972

For applicants between the ages of 16 & 18 years, E-Vetting Invitation Form NVB1 for under 18s and Parent/Guardian Consent Form NVB3 must be used.

If an applicant does not have an email address, Vetting Application Form NVB2 and the Diocesan Information Form must be used. 

All applications must be accompanied by identification (as described in the Validation of Identity Checklist)

All forms can be found below


Please return completed forms to:

(Jessica Tobin for parishes) (Lisa Delaney for schools)

Vetting Administration

Bishops House

PO Box 40



Y35 X9C4


Upon completion of criminal record checks, The GNVB will provide a certificate of disclosure for the vetting administration office to review.

The parish/school contact will be advised of the outcome and the certificate must be made available to the applicant upon request. 

  • During busy periods (such as the beginning of the academic year), the vetting process can take a number of weeks to complete. 
  • Please allow sufficient time when considering commencement date of role
  • Applicants cannot commence in role until this process is complete.

NVB1 Guidelines

E-Vetting Invitation Form NVB1 

E-Vetting Information Form NVB1 for under 18s

Parent/Guardian Consent Form NVB3

Vetting Application Form NVB2

Diocesan Information Form

Validation of Identity Checklist


For further information on Vetting Procedures and FAQ’s please go to

or contact the Safeguarding Office on 053 917 4972