IMG0025Questions of general interest may be submitted to

Questions of a private or personal nature should be addressed to a priest, a diocesan support agency or to a professional advisor.



“Where can I obtain information on what to do when a relative dies ?”

By talking with your local priest. There is an excellent book published by Redemptorist publications A Celebration of Life – when a loved one dies which offers practical advice on what to do when a loved one dies. It explains the role of the priest, the Funeral Director, how to plan the liturgy etc. See

“Are there any masses celebrated in Polish in the diocese of Ferns ?”

Yes, click here for information about religious services in Polish

“Is there a priest in the diocese who deals with annulments ?”

Yes, contact Rev Kevin Cahill DCL, C/O Bishops House, Summerhill, Wexford.  Alternatively, contact the Dublin Regional Marriage Tribunal at 01 9123939.

“How do I find out Mass times for churches in the Diocese ?”

Select a Parish or Curacy on the right-hand-side of this page >>>Parishes
Mass times for all Churches in the Parish/Curacy will be displayed.

“Are schools obliged to close on holy days ?”

No. Where schools decide to close they open on an alternate day so as to comply with the regulations specified by the Department of Education. Where schools open, arrangements are made to have children attend Mass as a school community in the local church, where possible.


“Why do some churches have two collections on a Sunday ?”

The first collection is for the priest(s) and the second collection is for the upkeep of the parish church and other parish running costs. The second collection in the diocese of Ferns is called ‘The Sunday Envelope Collection.’

“Are pre-marriage courses obligatory ?”

Yes. Accord facilitates pre-marriage courses on behalf of the Episcopal conference.  Courses can be booked at

“Does the Catholic Church regard the marriage of a Catholic in an Anglican Church as valid ?”

Yes providing all the documentation required by the Roman Catholic Church has been completed prior to the wedding ceremony. Your local priest will guide you through the steps required.

“Are there situations where a priest may refuse to baptise a child ?”

The Church would never penalise a child for the actions of others. That said, the Church realises the vital importance of parents practising the faith as the best chance of a child growing into full Christian maturity.


“May a Catholic and a non-Catholic be buried in the same grave ?”



“Where do I go to get a Mass card signed ?

Normally Mass cards are signed by a local priest e.g. in the sacristy after a Mass or by calling with the card to the local presbytery.

Although many shops continue to sell pre-signed Mass cards, this practice is outlawed by the Church – see Press release


“How much notice is required for Baptisms/Weddings ?”

For Weddings at least three months notice is required. Weddings are not held in the Diocese on Sundays. For Baptisms the practice varies from parish to parish. Contact your local priest or parish office.

“Where can I obtain information about a Church Wedding in Rome?”

Contact Irish College, Rome.