The committee members, who may be clerical or lay persons, assist in the governance of the diocese in all financial matters.  The finance committee publish the annual accounts of the Diocesan Central fund.           

2012 Accounts

2013 Accounts

2014 Accounts

2015 Accounts

2016 Accounts

2017 Accounts

2018 Accounts

2019 Accounts

2020 Accounts


2016 Combined Parishes Accounts

2017 Combined Parishes Accounts 

2018 Combined Parishes Accounts

2019 Combined Parishes Accounts

2020 Combined Parishes Accounts



The committee members have also prepared Guidelines  in relation to Financial Controls and related processes with parishes.  This is a useful guideline for all parishes and their finance committees.  These guidelines are reviewed and updated periodically.     



Diocesan Finance Officer: Mr Tom Brazil

Diocesan Auditor: Sheil Kinnear & Co

Diocesan Accountant: Mr. Liam Gaynor




Rt Rev Mgr Joseph McGrath, PP VF VG

V Rev Patrick Cushen, PP

V Rev James Fegan, PP

Mr John Murphy

Ms Pauline O’ Neill

Ms Martha Cooney

Ms Annette McCarthy

V Rev Tom Dalton ADM