Dear RE Teacher/Chaplain,
As we welcome our young people back into the school environment, we are conscious that this world is a very fast paced one surrounded by distractions.

So much of our young people’s time is spent online, whether for school or for social.  With this comes it own anxieties and our people people forget to stop and just be.  This time to stop and just be present is a requirement of each of our bodies and souls.  In their want to be ‘connected’, our young people have disconnected perhaps from the most important aspects of life, the need to be connected to nature, the need for silence, the need for space.   

Whilst this online space has provided the means to teach and resource our students, there is a general consensus that we must enable our students to ‘disconnect’ sometimes in order to ‘reconnect’ with
their own value systems, their own wellbeing, their feelings and indeed their source of hope, their faith.

The Box of Hope is a mechanism which provides that much needed ‘time out’ to allow students to process what has being happening around them and within them.  It provides you with everything
you need to run a weekly session for 5 weeks. The Box of Hope will contain all the resources and a Leaders Manual to guide you through these sessions.

It is our hope also that this Box of Hope will provide you, the Teacher/Chaplain with a practical and relevant resource that will support you in meeting the needs of your student at this time and in years to come.

Let us together, do all that we can to help our young people.
God bless the work!

If you would like to receive the Box of Hope please contact Colette O’Doherty: Director of Religious Education & Youth Ministry on 053-9145511 or email