Safeguarding Children Handbook

The safeguarding committee promote and implement best practice by:

  • Developing a three-year strategic plan, to include communication and training needs for church personnel, parish safeguarding reps, and other volunteers
  • Reviewing and updating policies and procedures 
  • Implementation and analysis of activities related to child safeguarding, e.g., training and annual parish self-audits
  • Ensuring, with the Church Authority, that the appropriate child safeguarding personnel are in place
  • Upholding the seven standards in practice and behaviour.

The Safeguarding Committee are responsible for the ongoing development and implementation of best practice, policy, and procedure in parishes throughout the diocese.

The Committee developed the Safeguarding Children Handbook which was launched in November 2012 pdf.                                                                         

Members of the Child Safeguarding Committee 2024:

  • Dervla Tierney, Chairperson
  • Jessica Tobin, Director of Safeguarding/DLP
  • Fr Brian Broaders, Assistant DLP
  • Fr Aodhán Marken
  • Margaret Harper
  • Eilis Teal
  • Eileen Neville

All members of the committee have received training in safeguarding.

Child Safeguarding Trainers for the Diocese of Ferns are: Colette O’Doherty, Fr Aodhán Marken, Fr Gerald O’Leary, Lisa Delaney, and Dervla Tierney.