• The key content for students is presented on PowerPoint slides, to be shown on the class whiteboard.

  • The accompanying Teacher Notes may be viewed in the ‘Presenter Notes’ viewing panel on the teacher’s own screen. These notes include commentary and discussion questions on each slide, additional activities and exercises to supplement and support the information on the slides, as well as instructions relating to relevant worksheets in the Student Journal. The Teacher Notes also contain resources for the guided prayer reflections that are offered at the close of each lesson.

  • Videos, music and interactive content can be accessed directly from the slides.

  • The information on the slides is supplemented by artwork that spans a variety of media and traditions.

  • The content covered is inclusive of all the major world religions.

  • All of the teacher resources are provided on a USB stick.

  • The accompanying Student Journal is designed to accommodate students’ personal reflections on the content studied. It also contains worksheets and a Glossary of key terms.

    Check out a sample lesson from the programme, and from the Student Journal, below.

Sample Downloads

Download a sample lesson (student slides and teacher notes)  Download

Download a sample from Student Journal Download

Look Up! Student Journal: Spiral-bound A5, 176pp • €8.99

For more information on Look Up!, contact us on (01) 8788177 or email lookup@veritas.ie