Catholic Schools will take place from Sunday 21 to Saturday 27 January 2024 on the theme of Catholic Schools as Communities of Service.

Christian service puts faith into action. In Catholic schools, as we study and look to Jesus Christ as our role model and Teacher, we come to a greater understanding of the depth of Christian service.  Jesus served every person regardless of creed, background, faith, social status or age.  He put faith into action by showing all those around him how our Heavenly Father is compassionate, courageous and forgiving.  Jesus didn’t just talk about His faith; He lived it.

We are called by faith to go into the world to share the love of God with all those we meet.  Each person, at every age, is called to become Christ for another by serving every person with a humble heart and with a generous spirit.

For Catholic Schools Week, we will contemplate our schools as communities of service under the following themes:

  • Service in Our Community of Friends
  • Service in Our School Community
  • Service in Our Family Community
  • Service in Our Local Community
  • Service in Our Faith Community

The resources will reflect on these features within the overarching theme and will make use of scriptural reflection on prayer, action, student voice, and concern for our common home.

In November We Remember

The following resources have been developed for November, for both primary and post-primary and are available in English and Irish.


November 2023: The Month of the Holy Souls

Samhain 2023: Mí na Marbh


November Moment – Post-Primary

November Moment – Post-Primary Prayer Service

November Moment – Post-Primary Worksheet


Tráth na Samhna – Iar-bhunscoil

Tráth na Samhna – Seirbhís Urnaí don Iar-bhunscoil

Tráth na Samhna – Bileog Oibre don Iar-bhunscoil