svdp 2015

Members of St. Vincent de Paul in Ferns Diocese – Brian McGonagle, Rory McCauley, Bernadette (Ben) Doyle and Edmund Roche pictured with Bishop Brennan at the annual launch of the Christmas appeal.


The focus message of the Saint Vincent de Paul appeal this year is one that I would commend to your consideration – “Say Yes to the St Vincent de Paul because your help can last a lifetime.”

This simple message is a good one. It not only points to the huge amount of good work that is carried out daily in Ireland; it also reminds us that its good effects are lasting, in cases right through a lifetime.


Appeals for assistance remain at record high levels and the Society is endeavouring, as always, to respond to requests in a timely manner.


I would ask that you continue your very generous support of the annual Appeal. Your generosity down through the years has been immense and it has made a huge difference to the lives of those who find themselves in need.