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“In presenting the First Number of St. Peter’s Annual to the public the Editors anticipate the approval and support of all in the past, or at present, associated with the College besides all who may hereafter be in any way connected with it. Now almost a century old “St. Peter’s is a landmark in Wexford and dear to the hearts of many of its oldest sons.”


Editorial opening from original St Peter’s Annual 1916.

Having found an original copy of the “St. Peter’s Annual” 1916 we decided to re-print a limited number.

The annual gives a fascinating insight into life in the College and into the social and business life in Wexford. It contains a wealth of information about the clergy and features articles penned by such luminaries as William Henry Grattan Flood who wrote a very complete history of the Presidents of St. Peter’s College and the Right Rev. Abbot Columba Marmion, who wrote about the Benedictine community at Edermine. This high quality re-production is filled with articles, photographs, and advertisements.

Bishop Denis Brennan will launch the “Annual” at 7.30pm on Monday the 14th March 2016 in the Tower in St. Peter’s College.

Everyone is welcome and we hope many priests, past pupils and friends of the College will be able to attend. There will also be an exhibition highlighting aspects of life in the College and Wexford in 1916.

This marvellous historical memento will be on sale €15(original 1s) on the night and subsequently from our website www.spcstudentarchive.com