At a ceremony held at St. Senan’s Parish Church, Enniscorthy on Friday 28th May 2021 at 7pm – the honour of Knight of the Order of St Gregory – was conferred by Bishop Brennan on Mr. Eugene Doyle, Finance Officer for the Diocese of Ferns.

Born on 23rd August 1958, Mr. Eugene Doyle is married to Louise and they are parents of four children – Brian, Michael, Katie and Aideen.

He resides at Ennismore, Clonhaston, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford.

He is an active member at St. Senan’s Parish, Enniscorthy.

Speaking at the ceremony – Bishop Brennan spoke of a ‘lifetime of involvement’ in church and community life – a life marked by ‘a generous contribution of time and talent to local, diocesan and national ecclesiastical life.’

A man of marked spirituality – whose life is characterised by charity and public religious practice – Mr. Doyle is also an accountant by profession – and he enjoys the respect of both the members of his own profession, and that of the public, in general.

A long serving member of the finance committee at his own parish (St. Senan’s), Mr. Doyle has been a good friend of the church over the years and offered valuable and sound advice to parishes, over a period of thirty years.

Mr. Doyle was a key member of the Cathedral Restoration Fund from 1991 to 1996 when £1.3million was raised to renovate and restore the Cathedral at Enniscorthy.

Since becoming Diocesan Finance Officer in 2004, he has helped to shape and oversee diocesan financial policy in a time of acute challenge – and as responses were being shaped – to a new evolving human, pastoral, spiritual and economic reality.

The focus of the last twenty years in the diocese has been genuine engagement and honesty with major issues that have confronted the diocese. As Diocesan Finance Officer, Mr. Doyle played an invaluable part in restoring trust and in helping chart a sure course through turbulent waters.

“In conferring the honour on one of our parishioners,” said Fr. Paddy Banville the administrator of the parish of St. Senan’s, “I am conscious that it will be warmly received at all levels here in Ferns diocese and will – in some part – recognise the selfless and very often unnoticed heroic effort – that marks daily life here in our parishes, and within the Diocese of Ferns.”

Investing Mr. Doyle with the Knighthood, Bishop Brennan read from the script from the Holy See, sent by the Vatican Secretariat of State:

“Francis 1, Supreme Pontiff, gladly acceding to a request made to Us from which we have gathered that you are most deserving for what you have done for the Holy Catholic Church and its affairs, and in order that We might give a clear sign of Our pleasure and appreciation, We choose, make and declare you, Eugene Doyle, of the diocese of Ferns, a Knight of the Order of St. Gregory the Great. We bestow on you the right to use and enjoy all the privileges which go with this high dignity.”


In accepting the award, Mr. Doyle paid warm tribute to his wife and family for the support and source of blessing that they have been to him down the years. He remembered his own mother in particular and her contribution to the life of the local church and community. Mr. Doyle spoke of the team support that assisted him over the years and explained that the honour was one he accepted on behalf of the efforts and good work of so many good people, with whom he had the privilege of serving. 


1. The Pontifical Order of St. Gregory the Great was founded in 1831 by Pope Gregory XVI. It is conferred as a reward for services to the Holy See and the Church on gentlemen and ladies who “by reason of their nobility, the renown of their deeds, or the degree of their munificence are deemed worthy to be honored by a public expression of esteem on the part of the Holy See.”
Becoming a Papal Knight does not merely mean receiving a title of honor – even though it is well deserved – but fighting evil, promoting good and defending the weak and oppressed against injustice.

2.  Covid Restrictions meant that the ceremony could only be attended by members of Mr Doyle’s close family.