An Evening at Nightfever
Over the past few years Nightfever has become a regularly organised event in many cities. But what exactly is Nightfever? What can you expect on such an evening?

The Holy Mass

Usually we kick off the evening with the Holy Mass where many volunteers from the young and vibrant team of Nightfever are involved with. Sometimes this solemn service is accompanied by a Nightfever Choir, or a music band plays songs from the Nightfever Songbook.
Afterwards while the church is being reorganized for the Nightfever evening, two young Christians will introduce the evening briefly. In many cities this short intercession serves to give someone the opportunity to share about their faith and their lives as a Christian. This kind of testimonies often demonstrates how God can be experienced in our everyday lives.

Prayer, Singing, Conversation

And this is when the Nightfever evening actually starts.
You will receive a candle at the entrance of the church that you can light up at the stairs to the altar. This candle symbolises your intention, no matter it is about joy or thankfulness, whether you are grieving, feel afraid or simply upset. And even when you leave the church this candle will continue to burn for you. Jesus Christ himself will be present on the altar in the form of the Host. In fact He is the actual host of the evening who invites us everyone to come, to come to Him.

Feel free to choose a place in the church where you feel yourself comfortable: you can either take a seat on one of the benches or kneel down on the floor in front of the many candles at the stairs. By simply being there, you are invited to enjoy the peace and quietness, to get things straight in your mind and to pour out your heart before God. Music will be played and sung by our volunteers throughout the whole time to create a quiet atmosphere that helps to contemplate in prayer and to find your inner peace.

Many of our volunteers have already experienced God’s Love in their lives that they don’t want to keep it a secret. This is why during Nightfever we go out to the streets and to the squares in the city to invite people to come. Everyone is welcome to get a taste of what it is like to be in the church; even if it is just for a few minutes. Those who accept this invitation are free to enjoy Nightfever in whatever way they prefer.

The Nightfever Initiative

Nightfever is organised by young Christians whose faith is central in their lives and who seek to bridge between individuals, parishes and communities. Everyone that shares the same ideas as the Nightfever is welcome to be part of it. With our initiative we would like to address young people that have stayed away from the church and to draw them closer to faith again. All should happen without any obligations; as it is said in the gospel of John “Come and see!” (John 1,46).

 Nightfever 2014