Diocese of Ferns – Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage 21st – 27th August 2016

Our Pilgrimage continues this year from the

City of Burgos to the Village of Calzadilla, aprox. 100 miles.

Please keep the 23 pilgrims in your prayers as we walk

‘The Way’ of St. James the Apostle

across the dry and arid ‘Meseta’ (high plain) in northern Spain.

Pilgrim Prayer

Codex (Book of St. James) of Pope Calixtinus II – 12th Century Pilgrim


Lord, You who called your servant Abraham

Out of the town of Ur in Chaldea

And watched over him during his wanderings;

You who guided the Jewish people through the desert;

We too ask you to watch over us, Your servants

Who for love of Your Name, make this pilgrimage

To Santiago de Compostela.


Be for us,

A companion on our journey,

Our guide at the crossroads,

Our strength in tiredness,

Our stronghold in danger.


Be the inspiration for our walking,

The shade in our heat,

The light in our darkness,

The power in our intention.


So that, under Your guidance,

We may reach the end of our journey without harm;

And strengthened with gratitude and grace,

Return to our homes safely and joyfully.

We ask this through Jesus Christ, Our Lord.



St. James the Apostle, pray for us.