garda_vetting_720_320_c1E-Vetting: Attention all Parishes & Primary Schools

The Diocese of Ferns has gone online with Vetting applications.  You will be happy to learn that this will speed up the processing of applications as well as placing the onus and responsibility on the applicant to ensure that their vetting application is completed. 

So what does this all mean?  

  • This is relevant only to vetting applicants who have an email address. If an applicant does not have an email address the existing paper process that you currently use to vet applications i.e. Vetting Application Form (NVB2) can still be used. 
  • However for all applicants with an email address the Vetting Invitation Form is to be filled in.  This reduces your paper down to a one page application to be filled in by both the applicant and the School/Parish. 
  • Once filled in, the form is returned to the Vetting Administrator, Bishops House, PO Box 40, Summerhill, Wexford, Co. Wexford, and once received the information is input online onto the National Vetting Bureau website.
  • The vetting applicant is then invited by email by the National Vetting Bureau to fill in their vetting form details online within a specific time frame.
  • Once their application is processed, the National Vetting Bureau will send the Disclosure Form onto the Vetting Administrator who in turn will send same out to you by email to the email address you provide on the Vetting Invitation Form.
  • The applicant cannot commence the role/position until this Disclosure Form is received by you.

Therefore in short, if a potential employee/volunteer requires vetting in line with legislation, have them fill in the Vetting Invitation Form, send it to me and await receipt of Disclosure by email.  The following are all the forms required:

List of Vetting Forms 

Vetting Invitation NVB 1 and Guidelines for Completion of Vetting Invitation Form NVB 1

Garda Vetting Form NVB 2  to be accompanied by Diocesan Vetting Information Form

Vetting Invitation NVB 1 for Under 18’s to be accompanied by Parent/Guardian Consent Form (April 2016) (if between the ages of 16 and 18)

For further information on Vetting Procedures and FAQ’s please go to or contact the Vetting Administrative Office in the Diocese of Ferns on 053-9174972