Role of the Local Safeguarding Representative (LSR)

  • Being responsible to the parish priest or local superior to promote child safeguarding by:

    Birdseye view of LSR and Clergy gathering Oct 14

  • Raising awareness of what child safeguarding is;
  • Disseminating information regarding the standards and guidance, and circulating this information widely;
  • Ensuring Church activities are provided in a way that ensures the safety and well-being of the children involved;
  • Ensuring that the contact details of the DLP, Gardaí and Tulsa are widely publicised;
  • Upholding the seven standards in practice and behaviour

Throughout the Diocese of Ferns, there are over 100 local Safeguarding Representatives.  In addition to the above role, the LSR is there to support and encourage local parish initiatives and offer guidance to new set up groups.

The role of the Representative can be viewed on the attached brochure: Role of the Safeguarding Representative

Role of RepRole of Rep 2

 The following are the current list of Safeguarding Representatives.Local Safeguarding Representatives 2016

In October 2014, we gathered all the LSR’s together with all members of the clergy to discuss areas of safeguarding.  The next LSR Conference is due to take place this November 2016. Below are some of the pictures taken from the previous conference.Capture3